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Homestuck: Universe creator!

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Homestuck: Universe creator!

Post by White Mage Slave on Thu 04 Aug 2011, 1:43 pm

This is for Homestuck fans, if you haven't read it before, you'll likely get very confused and/or spoilered.

First, post what you think you would prototype your Kernalsprite with. You get two objects of your choice, but in Homestuck one of these things is typically dead. Whether it's the first or second object that's dead is up to you, but it affects which is the 'face' of your sprite. To make it more interesting, please only use things that you actually *have*. You are allowed to pretend your pets/family members are dead if need be.

As that goes on, I will update up here with all of the Prototypes so we can see what kind of insane monsters get created in the game world due to your decisions.

If you feel like it, feel free to post what insane items you create through combining what you can find around your house! Please note that Homestuck item-combination is more in 'concept' than combination. Compare DBZ fusion to Transformers fusing. Razz

Please note that in both Prototyping and item-forging, the power granted by the end result is often conceptual rather than literal- putting your favorite issue of Naruto into a Kernalsprite, for instance, might give your Sprite the face of Itachi Uchiha. Using same issue of Naruto in itemforging can result in awesome looking ninja-tools or rocket-launchers that shoot Rasengan.

Have fun!

The world so far:
Has been prototyped four times.
Enemies are a mix of werewolves, killer rabbits, and Starfleet crew members, armed with broken staves.

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White Mage Slave
White Mage Slave
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Re: Homestuck: Universe creator!

Post by White Mage Slave on Thu 04 Aug 2011, 2:34 pm

Since no one else seems to want to go, I'll start.

First prototyping: Captain Kirk doll.
Second prototyping: T-Rex tooth.
Final form: Captain Rex-sprite.

I'll come up with insane items later. (considering in canon ashes made a whole Nanna, a who-knows-how-old tooth ought to work)

Combat Specibus: Bladekind
Hero Title: Bard of Time

Laptop + Tablet = Tablet computer.
Tablet computer + 3DS = 3DTablet Computer
3DTablet Computer + 3D Glasses (Harry Potter special!) = magic glasses with touchscreen holograms.
^mix an iPod Touch in there somewhere...
Ocarina of Time replica + Ocarina of Time 3D = Ocarina of Time
iPod Touch + Ocarina of Time = iPod of Time
iPod of Time + cell phone = iPhone of Time

Lego Hogwarts Express + Harry Potter book = Hogwarts Express
Katana-handle umbrella + Harry Potter = Wand-handle umbrella (complete with magic- counts as Wandkind)
Katana-handle umbrella + Katana = Umbrella-handle katana.

Axe Cop book + sunglasses = Cop Shades
Cop Shades + 3DMagic Glasses = 3D Magic Cop Shades

Jedi Robe + Toy lightsaber = REAL lightsaber
Jedi Robe + Vader Shirt = Darth Vader's Armor

Lightsaber + wand-handle umbrella = Wand-handled lightsaber

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White Mage Slave
White Mage Slave
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Re: Homestuck: Universe creator!

Post by BlackMageMaster on Thu 04 Aug 2011, 2:57 pm


First Prototyping: My Killer Bunny slippers
Second Prototyping: The border collie we had when I was a kid
Final result: Killer Collie Sprite

Some things to alchemize...

Laptop + DSlite = Litetop (Even more portable than a laptop!)
Litetop + Contact lenses = Hololenses
Laptop + Porcelin Doll = Dolltop
Dolltop + Chobits Vol. 1 = Persocom

Legend of Zelda + Harvest Moon = Legend of Zelda: Lon Lon Ranch Story
Cellphone + Earrings = EarPhone
Scented Candles + Matches = Self-lighting Candles

Obnoxious Hoodie + Rainbow Purse = Technicolor Sweatshirt
Seasons Crossstitch + Prom Dress = Gown of Seasons
Elegant Veiled Tophat + Peacoat + Plastic Sythe = Death's Overcoat
Leather Coat + Dragon Figurine = Dragonhide Jacket

Inflatable crayon + Bo staff = Doodle Staff
Bo staff + Dresen Files novel = Wizard's Hockey Staff
Bow & Arrow + Fuzzy Dice = Bow of Luck
Bow of Luck + Plastic Scythe = Thanatos Gambit

Will add more as I think of things I have kicking around I can do stuff with.

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Re: Homestuck: Universe creator!

Post by GenericSpider on Thu 04 Aug 2011, 3:50 pm

First Prototyping: werewolf mask.

Second Prototyping: dead bunny.

Final Result: Were-Bugs sprite.

Alchemized Things:

BB Gun + Boomerang = Boomerang gun.

Boomerang + Fireworks = exploding boomerang.

Arnis stick + Boomerang = Five Strike Boomerang (always hits the collar bone, floating ribs, and diaphram)

Harry Potter Novel + Young Wizards Novel = Epic Crossover

Harry Potter Novel + Hardy Boys novel = Crappy Mystery Novel With Wizards

BB Gun + Golf Balls = Golfball gun

Boomerang + Yoyo = Boomerang on a string

Super Scribblenauts + Harry Potter = Maxwell Potter and the Notebook of Godhax

Super Scribblenauts + Bowser's Inside Story = Mario and Maxwell: Cthulhu's Inside Story

Holy Bible + Wax Hand = Hand of God

Holy Bible + BB Gun = Bible Gun

Holy Bible + Super Scribblenauts = Holy Notebook (Muahahahaha)

Holy Bible + Alarm Clock = Countdown to Armageddon

Holy Bible + Bowser's Inside Story = Jesus and Luigi: Satan's Inside Story

Jethro Tull Album (CD) + Magic 8-ball = Musical 8-ball

Holy Bible + rock = Christian Rock (oh the puns.)

JTA + Bowser's Inside Story = Mother Goose and Cross Eyed Mary: Aqualung's Inside Story

Autographed Bill Engval Picture + Laptop = Engval-top

Picture + LOTR poster = Autographed LOTR Poster

Cellphone + DS = DS Phone

Old socks + fireworks = Stink bomb

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Re: Homestuck: Universe creator!

Post by Whitepulse43 on Thu 04 Aug 2011, 4:26 pm

First prototyping: Broken wooden staff

Second prototyping: Lizard

Final result: Wood Lizard sprite


BB-gun + Pencil = Pencil+gun

Axe spray + Lighter = Flame sprayer

Drawing of clothing + piece of clothing = drawed clothing

Sunglasses+ flashlight= Eyebeam glasses

Another pair of sunglasses + laptop = computer glasses

making more once creativity kicks in....

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Re: Homestuck: Universe creator!

Post by DaveStriderIsBoss413 on Sat 13 Apr 2013, 9:26 pm

First prototyping: Statue of Dustin Penner

Second prototyping: Yoda plushie

Final result: Yodennersprite


Star Wars Poster + Computer = Skywalkertop

Camera + Hat = HatCam

Phone + Tablet + Keep Calm and Watch TV poster = Phablet TV

Lamborghini poster + Stylish Shoes = Stylish Car Shoes

French Horn + Speakers = Eardrum Popper

Mexican Beanie Baby + Suit + Pac-Man Shirt = Pac-Mexican Suit

Axe(Actual, not deodarant) + Hot Iron = Flaming Axe

Strife Spectibus: Axekind

Arrow Cool


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Verole Eshern

Post by frozenPrince on Mon 17 Feb 2014, 1:39 pm

First Prototype: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Limited Edition Red Dragon "figure"

Second Prototype: Dead Alligator
= Red Alidragon sprite


Slick Ray Bans + LGE Stratusphere 2
= Phonebans

Phonebans + 3D frog toy
= 3-D Frogeye Phonebans

3-D Frogeye Phonebans + Prescription glasses+ Touch Screen PC
= 3-D holographic Display communication Specs

Lightsaber toy + Headsman's Axe

Strife Specibus(s): Fistkind, Axekind, Bladekind

Speech Quirk(s) Replaces the letter s with z, in both capital and lowercase formats, as well as e with ε and E with Σ


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Re: Homestuck: Universe creator!

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