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Mamodo Battle (Zatch Bell) Character Templates

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Mamodo Battle (Zatch Bell) Character Templates Empty Mamodo Battle (Zatch Bell) Character Templates

Post by White Mage Slave Sat 29 Jan 2011, 2:01 am

100 demon children have come to Earth in order to battle it out for the right to be king of their world. The rules- each child is bound to a spellbook that contains all of their powers. They may only use their powers if a human reads them from the spellbook, but there is only one human capable of reading each spellbook. If the spellbook is burned, then the demon- also known as a Mamodo- is sent back to their world. Last one standing wins.

Basic spells explanation- each spell consists of syllables that all contribute to what the spell does. The most basic spells usually consist of the 'base' syllable (two or three letters that appear in most every spell you have) and a very basic modifier that would denote whether it was, say, an energy projectile, a creation of solid material, or even spit. A defensive spell might have 'shield' attached as a suffix, whereas an attack spell that's 'rapid fire' might have 'Ganzu' as a prefix. Links to good spell lists (they're a doozy, though)- http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/3013/1140594/1/ , http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/21455/1157519/1/ . If you've come up with an element or theme somehow *not* covered on those lists, feel free to make stuff up.

Species (humanoid, animal/animal they resemble, plant-based, robotic, dragonoid)
Abilities (An element, a theme, and such- examples include Lightning, Swords, Status Effects, and Enhancements)

Brief history:

Spellbook color:
1st spell: highly basic spell, usually consists of two syllables
2nd spell: Not quite as basic, usually an effect of some sort (shield, enemy debuff, basic buff if that's not your first spell), usually establishing the subset of your theme.
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Mamodo Battle (Zatch Bell) Character Templates Empty Re: Mamodo Battle (Zatch Bell) Character Templates

Post by ScorpionWins Sat 29 Jan 2011, 2:11 am

Name: Invinny
Gender: Male
Species: Appears to be made of rocks
Abilities: Enhancing Defense

Name: Zeke Peak
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears black jeans, a black undershirt, a red sports blazer, and shades. Has brown eyes and slick brown hair.
Personality: Happy and friendly. Somewhat unstable.
Brief history: Found a book on a cliff. Picked it up. Pulled a vine. Cliff partially collapsed. Midflight he was saved by the first spell in his book.He and Invinny have been best pals ever since.

Spellbook color: Grey
1st spell: Inshield: Creates a thin forcefield-like shield around the human and mamodo. Prevents the mamodo from attacking with anything more than weak punches, but makes the two immune to the enemy mamodo's attacks.
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