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A Quick History of Ardania and Derengia

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A Quick History of Ardania and Derengia Empty A Quick History of Ardania and Derengia

Post by Molly Sat 14 Jul 2012, 6:59 pm

One hundred years ago, the kingdoms of Elmerie, Ardania and Derengia thrived, neither attacking or allying each other, they lived in a state of relative peace, bothered only by bandits and the like who attacked caravans, and groups of traveling warriors that would attempt to take their villages. No citizen, noble, or king ever suspected that their way of life would be threatened by the powerful and immortal beings known as dragons. They arrived out of nowhere from the west, sweeping and wiping out the young kingdom of Elmerie, forcing its people to flee and become nomads, who branched off into today's gypsies and warrior nomad people.

Ardania was next in their sights. Fearful of the utter destruction the monsters had caused, the Ardanians and Derengians became allies, sending their armies out to defend their land against the dragon invasion. The Dragon War was fierce and bloody, but it did not last even a year. So fierce were the Ardanian and Derengians knights that even as they lost scores of men, they managed to push the dragon's back and force them into hiding in the far mountains. Dragon statues were erected in the capital cities of Stribus and Crosstol, so that neither people would forget the carnage they experienced. Ever since then, the Derengians and Ardanians have been stalwart allies and friends.

But not all good things last.

Time passed, and thirteen years ago Derengia was attacked by a roving band of giants. Villages were burned to the ground, people were slaughtered. Rumors of witchcraft surround this war, with talk of a summoned abomination fighting off the giants, born from the souls of humans who were given over to it. The summoner, Serena, was unpunished due to her track record of giant hunting, but it was clear that she had been showing signs of insanity lately due to the supposed death of her daughter, and was well-known as a political opponent of the king of Derengia, the current queen Olivia's father. It was said that she died during the summoning, but beyond that nothing else is know about her relationship to the king or if her only daughter yet lives.

What is known though, is that this is when the dragon's returned. For unknown reasons, two dragons appeared and slaughtered many of the giants, sending them fleeing from Derengia once and for all. The current king, having grown up with tales of the dragon's immense power, quickly became consumed with the idea of finding them, giving up on his hunt for the sorceress Serena's daughter and instead going after the dragons. For years he searched. Even in his old age, he did not stop until he found them and made a pact with them, inviting them back to Derengia as their new allies. With his death, his daughter Olivia has taken control, and her along with her Royal Adviser continue to hold up the treaty the king had made with them.

This has understandably caused unrest in the hearts of the Ardanian people of this day and age. The rest is still history in the making.

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