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Post by Ragna the Saviour Sat 20 Sep 2014, 9:26 pm

"She shouldn't sleep too much. There's a lot at stake here." Hay Lin's Servant said to John while moving toward the kitchen where Saber was. There was a lot that Byakuren didn't know about the current happenings. Like the essence of the Grail War itself, its foundation, why it's happening. She got knowledge from the Greater Grail on how it functions, but she felt there was much more to it than she was being fed. After that she moved into the kitchen to see Saber.

"Mmmmm." Tenshi eyed the food while mumbling something to herself. Why should she have to wait? Well, one reason is that it wasn't prepared yet. She had to wait for it to be done or she'd just spit it back up as soon as it made contact with her mouth. Wait, it was done wasn't it? Why didn't she DIG IN? "Thank you!" she shouted while she took what she thought was her plate. Gob, gob, gob - down the hatch. Down the hatch. Then Tenshi heard John talking about the prank - "Not really! She got in my way! I could've finished that fight if I wanted to." Wanted to? Shouldn't it be 'need' to? The Celestial's priorities are a bit skewed. Must have to do with her upbringing.

Suddenly Vriska was blasting on max volume about not getting much sleep.

Tenshi ignored her, of course, she'd deal with her later.
Byakuren put a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle. 

Rin felt that Vriska had NO RIGHT TO BE MAD. "Gghhh." as Terezi left the room, Rin decided to do the opposite of what Assassin did. Throttle the door shut so hard that it almost broke the hinges. She would wake up on her own time! ... If at all.
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Fate/crossfade - Page 2 Empty Re: Fate/crossfade

Post by Simply David Mon 22 Sep 2014, 6:25 pm

Shirou looked at Gwen, "Uh, yeah. We should look into stocking up..." he then saw Tenshi begin eating food before it ever made it to the table. Well, on the one hand there weren't enough seats at the table for everyone to sit together, but on the other hand... "Oi, Saber..." he was mumbling because he was a little late. Oh well, she probably wouldn't listen to him anyway.

In any case, it was time to set the food at the table. He began bringing the food in and setting platters and bowls of breakfast food across the table, and with a bit of foresight he had also brought a stack of bowls and plates for everyone to just fill up themselves from the food he set in the middle of the table. Everyone could just make their own plate. He sat and began making himself a plate as well.

Diane went ahead and sat back at the table, then made herself a plate with a rather large amount of food on it herself, "Huh, now that I think about it I wonder how much I actually have to eat in this body..." it seems she hasn't considered this yet.

"Yeah," John responded to Samus, "She's pretty silly. But the timing was great!" 

Suddenly the sound of a recorded voice came out of John's pocket "[Who you gonna call]?" it asked in english, daring anyone in the room to answer. Oddly enough, someone did, "Heck yeah!" John went to give Hay Lin a high five.

"Oh I should probably respond to this," John said before stepping out of the room. He hoped it wouldn't be long because he was hungry!

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Well that went pretty much how you expected it. It's good to know Dave isn't any different, and annoyingly comforting to read his ranting. They say familiar sights in a foreign land always feel nice. You'd NEVER tell Dave this though, he'd get too much out of it.

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Post by NazrinTsunMouse Mon 22 Sep 2014, 8:07 pm

"Because... I don't know!" Vriska threw her arms up in the air and stormed off back to her room, "Nevermind, I'm going back to sleep like any sane troll would!"

With that, she slammed her door shut and dived into her pile. She  closed her eyes to drift off back to dreamland when her phone started beeping insistently. What now? Can't hey just let he sleep? She tried to ignore it, but the phone beeped again, and again, until Vriska had enough because obviously this person wasn't going to stop until she answered. She sat up and picked up her phone.

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Vriska huffed, flopping back down into the pile. Goddamn lousy humans and their black flirting! It was flattering that John's friend seemed to hate her so much, and normally she would welcome the challenge, but not when it cut into her sleep time!


[Who you gonna call?]

"Ghost busters!" Hay Lin answered back cheerfully and high fived John in return. That's when she notice one of her best friends coming into the dining area and sitting next to her. With a grin, she slung her arm around Taranee's shoulder, "Good morning~! How did your research go last night? Find out anything coolerific?"

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Post by GenericSpider Tue 23 Sep 2014, 6:37 pm

"Not yet," said Taranee, poking at the food with her fork. "But I think I'm bound to find something if I keep looking,"


After Vriska left; Terezi turned her attention to the amazing array of aromas that seemed to be coming from the kitchen. All of the human food smelt so delicious; so... colorful.

She wandered into the kitchen; and eventually found the plates. She threw as much food onto the plate that she could fit; then covered it all in ketchup.

After that, she took a seat next to Shirou and began shoving the food in her mouth.

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Post by White Mage Slave Thu 25 Sep 2014, 2:28 am

Gwen merely raised an eyebrow at John's ringtone as he left the room. "Really? Was hoping to escape American pop culture, not find more of it over here."

She picked up some food for herself- a mix of Japanese foods and some plainer English-style just in case- and sat back down in her corner. She seemed rather content in just chiming in once in a while rather than being the center of attention.
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