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Homestuck RP: Be the Humans.

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Re: Homestuck RP: Be the Humans.

Post by The Wicked Xen on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 9:31 am


You get caught by your FATHER. He proceeds to rant about how you suck at being a NINJA and how the ninjas he met on his trips to JAPAN were how REAL NINJAS were supposed to be. His rants then mutate to how the EMPEROR OF JAPAN was a very hospitable man.

==> Get pissed.

You get pissed.

Jegus Gog FATHER! You do not want to know about how many concubines the Emperor of so-and-so has over his fifty years of life! They are all useless facts!

And no FATHER, you do not think that your own COLLECTIONS are useless! They teach you how to organize and work the brain cells with experimentation!

You stomp out of the mansion and slam the door behind you in your irritation.

Gog, your FATHER had been easier to live with when he was alive. And now, in his taxidermied state, he rants even more because he's bored.

And it irks you. A lot.
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