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The Rules - Read them or risk being banned

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The Rules - Read them or risk being banned Empty The Rules - Read them or risk being banned

Post by NazrinTsunMouse Sat 14 Nov 2009, 2:12 pm

  2. No lemons unless you warn others that lemons might be involved.
  3. No posting sexual, gorey, or anything else inappropriate on the chatbox. It will be deleted and you will be banned.
  4. Please try to use complete sentences and correct grammar. This also includes using a grammatically correct format. Meaning putting paragraphs where paragraphs should be. Also, please try to write complete posts. One liners are not acceptable.
  5. If you get insulted by something, either talk to the person who insulted you through PM or contact a mod or admin. Or leave until you calm down. If the person leaves, there will be no further comments on the chatbox about it, not even to apologize. Everything should be in PM to minimize drama. Anyone caught causing drama on the chatbox will be banned with no warning.
  6. Roleplay replies must be writen in third person. It gets confusing when people write in first person.
  7. No being possessive over someone. It gets very annoying.
  8. Post topics in their appropriate places. EX: Posting an anime roleplay in the video game section is unacceptable if that video game has no anime to speak of.
  9. Treat everyone equally and (If you are a mod) don't abuse your power.

  10. Under no circumstances should you ever tell anyone in this forum to kill themselves. I do not give a crap if you weren't meant to be taken seriously. It's not cool and I don't want it in my forum or chatbox. Any offenders will get temp banned effective immediately. Repeat offenders risk a perma ban.
  12. Bashing a character or a series for any reason what so ever is strictly forbidden. You never know who is a fan of the character or series and bashing said character or series may offend that person.
  13. !NO SPOILERS! Do not discuss spoilers of any kind in the chatbox or any other inappropriate place.
  14. I may ask for the creator of an Rp's permission to delete the Rp if it has not been posted in for a long period of time.
  15. (To all mods!) Do not ban anyone without discussing it with one of the other mods or admins. If none are present and the person is continuing to be a problem, you have the right to give that person a temp ban.
  16. (Also to all mods) You are my third party observers. I expect you to remain unbiased in the case of an argument occurring between members. All I need you to do is tell both parties to either shut up or take it to PMs. If they do not, then ban them after applying the above rule. You do not take sides in an argument. You cannot expect a member to listen to you when you picked a side and seemingly played favorites. If for whatever reason you do get involved in the argument or the argument is between you and a member... YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BAN ANYONE! Your right to banning was lost the moment you participated in the argument. The right to banning goes on to the next mod who did remain a third party observer.
  17. I shall give you three warnings before you are booted.
  18. If you have an issue with a RP, Roleplayer, or signup, please contact one of the admins through PMs either on the site or chatango. Or bring it up in the complaint chatbox. DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT, bring up these issues in the main chatbox.
  19. If you're in a bad mood and know you're gonna take it out on someone here, then just leave. Don't say you're gonna leave and not do it, actually leave and give yourself a chance to cool off. Because if you don't I will be forced to give you a temp ban. THIS RULE ALSO PERTAINS TO ALL CHAT BOXES INCLUDING SKYPE.
  20. If you vanish without a word for 3+ weeks, and it is holding up a Role Play, we can and likely will either move your character aside, or start controlling them. If you continue to be gone for another week, we hold the right to drop a bridge on them.

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