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Urban Fantasy Signups

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Urban Fantasy Signups Empty Urban Fantasy Signups

Post by AnnoR Tue 17 Apr 2012, 1:33 pm

Urban Fantasy signups, yay!

Also, infothread thingy.


Characters may be human, angel, yokai, or anything else that I feel fits and is worthy of acceptance.

Character Skeletons:


Brief History:

My Characters:

Name: Amitiel
Age: Likely very, very old, but has the physical form of child of twelve or so.
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Appearance: Thanks to Grey Star for the picture.
Personality: Amitiel is rather playful. She enjoys meeting new people and going to new places. It just so happens that these new places are sometimes nightclubs and the new people are sometimes drunk. Granted, not always, but Amitiel likes to go to somewhat... seedy locations. She even flirts, though she never meets any level of success on account of her youthful appearance. Even when she insists that she has the body of a twenty-year-old. When she's not being cheerfully playful, Amitiel has an extremely short temper and a penchant to jump to violence to solve her problems. She also likes fire. A lot. Waaaay too much. Fighting and fire are things that Amitiel likes.
Abilities: Amitiel can cause her wings to appear or vanish at will, along with her halo. She can fly through use of her wings. Amitiel possesses an unlimited number of feather-shaped knives, that she can spawn seemingly from thin air.
*Miraculous Existence-Heaven's Typewriter: The Thompson's Machine Gun that Amitiel wields is in fact a weak, Artificial Miraculous Existence. It runs off of lethal potential(specifically that of the bullets loaded into it, though it can run off of anything), allowing it to create a miracle. This miracle is converting anything loaded into it into holy energies. These energies are highly dangerous, especially to the supernatural, and even moreso to demonic entities. When in use, golden wings of energy sprout from the right and left side.
Brief History: Amitiel's life was fairly normal. She was created as angels usually are, and immediately posed some issues as to how bored she was with heaven. This boredom eventually reached critical mass, when she attempted to leave heaven. At the time, the oppressive archangel Gabriel was preventing angels from departing from heaven. He attempted to prevent her escape, and nearly killed her, until she lit him on fire. While Gabriel was not killed, he was forced to flee and regenerate on the Throne of God. Angels were allowed to leave in his absence, Amitiel among them. She has been on earth ever since.


Name: "The Happy and Carefree Witch who isn't Scared of Anyone!"
Age: Well, she looks about ten, maybe. Looks aren't everything.
Gender: Female
Race: Apparently Human
Appearance: "Hai!"
Personality: The Carefree Witch is, as her long title may indicate, very happy and carefree. She flits about from place to place, interested only in interacting with people she thinks would be fun. She often makes remarks based on what she thinks will get a funny reaction, and enjoys flaunting her powers to other magicians. She will not hesitate to use her powers to tease others. However, she does not seek to harm others, and will stay her hand to avoid injuring people. She is capable of becoming very serious, but it takes a lot for her to do so.
Abilities: The Carefree Witch has a great deal of powers. She can cast illusions, fly, 'shapeshift'(it takes a long time and special ingredients to change her form, and she doesn't like doing it, but she's capable of it), heal herself and others, and has elemental control over electricity. She also has weaker control over air, fire, water, and earth, though she mostly uses her control over electricity.
*Technique: Railgun: Years of honing her control over electricity have allowed the Carefree Witch some control of electromagnetism. Using this, she can electromagnetically accelerate metal projectiles. Large ones are used in a spell known as "Technique: Railgun", where the Carefree Witch accelerates a projectile at incredible speeds to hit her target.
Brief History: The Carefree Witch was a powerful magician from history. She still remains powerful, but things have changed since then to modern times. She currently resides in Japan, traveling about to meet others.


Name: Fujimura Hisako(Real name: Taketori Kaguya-hime)
Age: About sixteen physically, much, much older than that in actuality
Gender: Female
Race: Lunarian/Hourai Immortal
Appearance: "Why, hello there."
Personality: Hisako has a brief air of refinement, which quickly shatters when you speak to her further. She is, in reality, rather lazy at times and prone to skittishness. At the same time, she is very sweet-natured and friendly to those who do not cause her to become nervous, and will often talk for hours in hopes that anyone present will be willing to listen. If she believes that her cause is worth it, she will cease to be lazy and will devote most of her energy and enthusiasm towards it. Hisako is afraid of men, and will avoid them when possible.
Abilities: Hisako is completely and totally immortal. Killing her will simply result in revival only a few moments later. However, she can still feel pain and become tired of repeated deaths. She can also craft various potions, and magical items, having created the Hourai Elixer. While many of the treasures that she has long since retrieved from the five impossible tasks have been hidden away, Hisako retains the Tsubame no Koyasugai Kara.
*Miraculous Existence-Tsubame no Koyasugai Kara: As a Natural Miraculous Existence, Tsubame no Koyasugai Kara(A cowrie shell hatched from a swallow's egg) can create a miracle itself. However, it may only be used once every five hundred years. Said miracle unlocks a world within Hisako's memory, creating a landscape of the moon. Here, but only here, she may alter reality as she sees fit.
Brief History: Hisako was born thousands and thousands of years ago, on the moon. Named Kaguya by her royal parents(The Emperor and Empress of the Moon), she lived on the moon for the first six years of her life. However, a magical accident resulted in a sudden appearance on earth. Alone, afraid, and in unfamiliar surroundings, a young Kaguya found herself taken in by a kindly old man and his wife. As she grew, she took their family name, Taketori. However, soon after entering her teens, word of her untold beauty spread across Japan. She soon became known as a princess of beauty, a title she naturally took to due to her royal nature. However, the praise took a turn for the worst when suitors approached her in an attempt to marry her. Kaguya, reluctant and frightened of marriage, devised the five impossible tasks(collecting the stone begging bowl of India's Buddha, the Jeweled Branch from the Island of Hourai, the robe of the fire rat from China, a colored gem from the neck of a dragon, and a Cowrie Shell hatched from the egg of a swallow) in order to dissuade them. Kaguya reasoned that no one would attempt such things. However, the suitors did, leading to injury and death. Regretful of the death of one of her suitors, Kaguya vowed that she would one day collect the items herself in order to prevent any deaths that could result from futilely searching for them.

She did not, however, expect that the Emperor of Japan would attempt to woo her.

Still frightened of both men, and marriage, she managed to dissuade him by claiming that her unearthly roots prevented her from marrying. Not long afterwords, the Lunarians finally discovered where she was, and attempted to retrieve her so that she could take her place as the Moon Princess. Kaguya, realizing that they would surely remove her memories and compassion for the people of earth, drank the Hourai Elixer of immortality and faked her death by cutting her own throat. The emissaries from the moon found her, and left in mourning, leaving the task of burying her to her adoptive parents. Soon after, Kaguya revived and revealed that she was alive. The Hourai elixer freezing her age at sixteen and giving her complete immortality, she has lived for thousands of years and changed her name many times to avoid suspicion. During this time, she collected the items that the five impossible requests had requested and hid them away in her own home. She still retains the Cowrie Shell. Kaguya currently lives under the identity of Fujimura Hisako.

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Urban Fantasy Signups Empty Re: Urban Fantasy Signups

Post by Ragna the Saviour Tue 17 Apr 2012, 1:41 pm

  • Name: Alphaeus (Al) Boveri
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: "So.. is that black or not?"
    Personality: Alphaeus has a good head on his shoulders and a sense of humor to go with it. Kind and curtious, he'll talk and talk until you tell him to shut up. He's the type of guy to open doors for complete strangers, help people pick up books when they drop them, he's just that type of guy. He has another side to him. A strong sense of justice and a willingness to act for the greater good.
    Abilities: Al has a very strange ability. No matter what he confronts, he's capable of copying and mimicing the other person's power or abilities regardless of what they are. This ability is known as Equalizer. It's limited to 1/2 the strength of the original, but it's enough to keep the opponent at bay long enough to help those in danger. The higher strength the ability, the more energy Al is forced to exert to maintain it. Each time he uses this power he risks his life regardless of the situation. The drawbacks of the ability don't stop there. He can only copy a single ability or power at a time, and it's just temporary.
    Brief History: Alphaeus mother died when he was small after losing a hard fought battle with Leukemia. That was when he was around the age of five. Afterward, he continued to live with his grief stricken father who worked on the police force. He knew nothing of the super natural, or magic, it was just a normal life. His grades in school were above average, he had friends, life was more than typical for him. After he graduated from High School, he decided to become a lawyer. Four years of college and a diploma later, he achieved that dream.
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Urban Fantasy Signups Empty Re: Urban Fantasy Signups

Post by RolePlayingRoxas Tue 17 Apr 2012, 2:10 pm

Name:Cyndy Ryuhime

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Dragon

Cyndy has bright yellow eyes, hidden behind blue contacts, and bright, flame-like hair that reaches her lower back, and usually adorned with a black cap. She tends to wear primarily red and yellow, incredibly bulky clothing. She's rather diminutive for her age.
Between her shoulder blades, scarlet scales have formed, soon to grow over her shoulders and back. As a dragon-born, she will eventually 'grow' into a proper dragon-human hybrid, and this is essentially the beginning. She has yet to develop wings or a tail, thankfully enough for her.

Despite obviously hiding her body away under all that clothing, Cyndy is surprisingly confident and even boastful at times. She's also a little bit dense, but she at least has the sense to make sure no one knows what she is - especially since she doesn't fully understand it herself. Only that, for her, it's natural.
If Cyndy happens to suspect anyone is suspicious of her true nature, though, she ends up becoming a bit of a paranoid wreck, unable to figure out a course of action and probably make things worse for herself. Also hates cats, for some reason.

Is highly resistant to heat. Seeing as her body is still mostly human, though, most temperature's are still dangerous.
Her strength is also slightly higher than someone her size and age should be, but it's almost negligible, really. Mostly due to her lack of any body-building than 'human weakness', though.

Brief History:
Cyndy isn't exactly too sure of her heritage. Only that she's part dragon. She'd rather not learn, fearing the implications, to be honest. While she grew up in a humble orphanage, the only unusual feature she had were the yellow eyes. Of course, she was picked on for it, hence the coloured contacts. She lived what could be considered a normal, if a teensy bit lonely, life, and it's only after she moved into a small apartment for herself that her 'affliction' became apparent.


Name: Shujiko Ishi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Shujiko has shoulder length, blonde hair with dark brown streaks, with hazel eyes. She wears a simple, button-down green shirt with a blue skirt that reaches just above her knees. Additionally, she wears plain white shorts underneath the skirt, with thigh-high black socks and shoes. Finally, she wears a totally normal magatama wrapped around her left wrist most of the time.

Cheerful and brimming with determination and confidence, Shujiko is hard to put down. Always willing to push her limits, she tends to turn things into a contest between her and others.
...She's also completely in denial about falling for that one pretty girl, and totally proves it by being colder than usual. She's clearly not tsundere, because she clearly has no romantic feelings for a girl when it's obviously boys she likes.

Almost impossible to dissuade her from a task she sets out to complete, and failure only motivates her further.
Fairly athletic. Nothing too special, but she's better than the average person, at least.

Brief History:
Nothing too insane or zany has really happened in Shujiko's life. The most notable event being the two-year-long denial she's been in concerning her feelings over that girl.

If Tach's still using Sachiko...

Name: Shiro Kurosaki

Age: Was 16 when she died. Pretty much trapped that way now.

Gender: Female

Race: Zombie, formerly human.

Appearance: Harm my play-mate and join me in death!

Personality: Before death - Casual and carefree, with a love of competition. Now that she's a zombie thanks to her old nekomata rival? More or less the same, except with a new-found protective streak over the one who gave her 'life'. Putting her in harms way seems to bring out a new side to Shiro. She seems to have taken her death and revival pretty well, along with the whole 'Sachiko's a nekomata' thing, but she keeps her feelings for Sachiko hidden, deciding there's not much point to them now.

Brief History: Liked swordplay of various sorts in life, and grew up with dreams of being a master swordswoman. By chance, she met a 'young' Sachiko and they became fierce rivals and also friends. Shiro even found herself falling for said rival... until a tragic accident occurred. It's thanks to Sachiko she's still around.

Used to prefer fighting with wooden swords, but ended up taking that weapon upon zombification. She's actually pretty good with it. Also won't die unless Sachiko stops feeding her magic, but is still vulnerable to things like dismemberment.


Name: Pandora

Age: Unknown. She appears young, but is most likely hiding her true number of tails.

Gender: Female

Race: Kitsune

Appearance: Her single-tailed form.

Constantly grinning and ever polite, Pandora will rip you off with a cheerful smile and a wave. A merchant who specialises in 'magic artefacts', she will sell these fake items at 'fair' prices, then move on before her illusory magic wears off and reveals the artefact as a mundane, broken item that most definitely doesn't grant luck or boost physical capabilities. Is easily swayed by money.

Brief History: A Kitsune who may or may not be long-lived, or at least not as young as she claims. After seeing a 'wondrous' Miraculous Existence in action at some point in her life, decided to make a living selling similar items, claiming that she simply tricks humans into achieving tasks they could already do by 'encouraging' them. May or may not be completely true.

Illusion Magic. Is able to make items appear as something else, specifically. Lasts a few days without Pandora to renew the magic, however.
Fire magic. She can make fire. Tends to be blue for no real reason.
Any other kitsune abilities she may or may not have. Depends on how many tails she really has~
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Urban Fantasy Signups Empty Re: Urban Fantasy Signups

Post by Rain Tue 17 Apr 2012, 6:02 pm

Name: Mizuno Sakura, Dragonslayer.

Age: 143, appears in her early twenties.

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: When she's asleep, her limbs appear curiously... doll-like.

Personality: The Unfunny. Sakura has seemingly no sense of humour and will approach anything with the utmost seriousness, regardless of its seemingly outlandish premise. This also makes her incredibly easy to deceive, since she rarely thinks to check for falsehood. About the only point of levity about her is that she's a hopeless romantic, even if all her attempts come to naught.

Abilities: Aside from a somewhat patchy highschool education and being one of the best, if not the best, knife-fighters on the planet, Sakura's abilities are tied to two Miraculous Existences.

Eternal Stasis Drive: Artificial D

Dragonbone Limbs: Artificial C

Brief History: Born to a large extended family dedicated to the extermination of harmful monsters, Sakura always had an interest in the dragons of legend: the serpents, the Yamata no Orochi, the flaming flying lizards of western lore. This interest grew into a maniacal focus on exterminating just this one type of creature, whilst her cousin (a surgeon and mage) tacked along for raw materials. Things went well for months, until one dragon, in its death throes, managed to take off an arm. Well, there were materials, so her cousin made a replacement.
Then another dragon took a leg.
The other arm? Crushed by a collapsing ceiling.
Her last natural limb? Immolated and amputated for her own safety. Good thing that her cousin was around... and it proved even better after killing the last dragon, one with a vast hoard. After all, a booby-trap stabbed her through the chest (and the scarring from that is still quite plainly there) and, if it hadn't been for the cousin's quick thinking, she would've died then and there. Instead, she outlived most of her family (and lost all close contact with the rest) and has gradually moved onto general monster hunting rather than focusing exclusively on dragons.
She's back in school, for the moment, and staying with family members that recognise her name more as a warning than as an actual person. Can't kill all the monsters, what would she do then?
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Post by ScorpionWins Tue 17 Apr 2012, 8:05 pm

Name: Dremlin Gagraet

Age: 1002

Gender: N/A

Race: Changeling

Appearance: That... varies. A lot.

Personality: Dremlin is a rather off-kilter being. He(as it will hereby be referred to, for simplicity's sake) is usually jolly, preferring harmless pranks to any sort of violence. He only resorts to more serious 'pranks' when he finds someone who he really doesn't like - usually nothing less than a rapist or murderer - often resulting in injury and extreme humiliation to the involved parties. He can come off as a complete jerk (because he is) and feels very little compassion for any other being, excepting his master.

Abilities: Dremlin is a Changeling, an immortal shapeshifting creature. He doesn't age, and can assume pretty much any form he desires. He can regenerate, in a sense, by changing his form to be unharmed, though this requires conscious thought, thus making him easily destructible when asleep or KO'ed. He can shift his individual limbs into weapons when necessary for combat, and can grow more limbs with more swords on them if more stabbity is needed. Any part of him that is removed from his body will vanish. He cannot wield magic, however, so he cannot mimic magical abilities. He also can't mimic fighting skill, and has largely forgotten what skills he picked up in war, making him comparable to a meat grinder on legs when fighting.

Brief History: As a Changeling, a creature that is rare due to its ability to simply turn into another creature and conceive ordinary children of that species, Dremlin had no friends as a child. Most sentient creatures merely stared when he demonstrated his powers, and some even called him a demon. For many centuries he wandered, going far from his home in Scotland, until he came upon a war between two small Asian countries, in which he took the place of a man who died on the battlefield. For many years, he fought, until the war ended for a single year, after which he tried to leave, having decided he no longer wished to associate with such warmongering folk. However, he had taken the place of the son of a high-ranking official, and thus was due to take his 'father's' place. He revealed himself, then, before escaping into the night. Since then, he has vowed to never take part in another war. He's been in Japan for several years, having been enslaved by some old man, who gave Dremlin to his granddaughter.

Name: Saiko Shippai

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance:"Dremlin, I will stab you!"
Personality: Saiko is a nice, if clumsy, girl. She trips over her own feet a lot, but is always willing to help people. Though she can be utterly sadistic to Dremlin, she is genuinely nice to everyone else. Despite this, she dislikes it when other people hurt him, seeing him as a beloved pet (to Dremlin's displeasure).

Abilities: Above-average skill with a katana, and her katana itself:
The Collar of Cerberus (Artificial - A): An iron choker, currently on Dremlin, designed to control changelings. The choker will remain somewhere on his body, regardless of form, even if he turns into air. Via her katana, which is magically connected to the choker, Saiko can keep Dremlin within a set distance from her, and give him a jolt of pain when he misbehaves or disobeys her.

Brief History: Saiko was mostly a normal girl, until her sixth birthday, when her grandfather randomly decided to teach her kendo. He also gave her a sword as a birthday gift, along with a friend to play with, neglecting to tell her that he was a changeling bound to the sword. One fight later, and her grandfather was suddenly much more honest with her. Since then, she's been practicing with her grandfather, waiting for something interesting to happen, because she's bored of making Dremlin change into things to amuse her.

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Urban Fantasy Signups Empty Re: Urban Fantasy Signups

Post by Rain Thu 19 Apr 2012, 11:59 am

Name: Okami Ami

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Werewolf. It's a genetic thing, as her family name would indicate, and not some disease or (she hopes) externally inflicted curse. It just makes her stupidly resilient to death by non-silver weaponry and, well, grants the ability to turn into an oversized wolf... though she acts much more like a dog.

Rather likes spending time as a wolf, so much so that she tends to be known to family friends as a pet, not as a daughter.

Urban Fantasy Signups 7d59e80bfd4bc776fc0a69ddfbc147bd17351a7d
Unusual miko outfit, go!

Personality: Friendly. Really, really friendly. Human or dog, if she likes you, you'd best prepare to be glomped. Repeatedly. She tends to be lackadaisical about her job as a miko (which, given her situation, tends to involve more fighting than miko-ing) and isn't overly bothered about being seen naked, if she knows you, because... well, it's bound to happen sooner or later, her clothes aren't magical.

Also one of the worst performers in school; she bunks a lot.

Abilities: Regenerative abilities, shoddy swordsmanship, and two ME's. One is useful, if time-consuming to activate. The other... should be, but isn't, and she doesn't even know she has it.
  • Solar Harness—Portal to the Sun (A): a katana apparently forged from diamond, this is said to have some connection to Amaterasu. Whether it does or not, its power is to do with that great shining sphere: when activated, the amount of sunlight falling upon it (which DOES include light reflected from the moon; only new moon gives no charging) increases the rate at which the link between blade and celestial body can be established, indicated by how much of the weapon is shining. When it's fully shining, Ami has the ability to transport heat straight from the sun to where the blade points, vaporising most things and making the surrounding area rather uncomfortable, though it's a very focused blast. Then it needs to charge again.

    It tends to vanish when not needed.

  • Amulet of Impossible Aim (E, rank depends on the attack involved): Allows the first attack used after the amulet is first equipped by a person to become unblockable and impossible to dodge. In Ami's case, this means that if she wants to glomp you, you're going to be glomped. It takes the form of her hair ribbon and, due to the magic involved, becomes a collar when she transforms. She just thinks that's all it does and considers it a handy addition to her wardrobe.

Brief History: Became a miko a few years back and found the sword in a storage shed. Given that she wasn't much good at the position, the old man in charge of the temple assigned her to monster-hunting, recalling another miko in his youth. She's better at that... but still bad, despite the fact that she can just follow their scents.
Name: Camael, formerly. Now she'd rather be known by no name. Fine, you need a name!? Charlotte. That'll do.

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Race: Demon, formerly an angel.

Urban Fantasy Signups Sample_d9c851fcb6c1118b45c1a5ee02c25db92ecb1c9b
Umm... pretend there are golden tattoos.

Personality: Sullen. She really, really doesn't like what the hell's happened to Heaven and has never liked it; that might be why she was amongst the first cast down. Though not really strong enough initially to be of note, merely overpowering humans, she's almost certainly a kindred spirit of Amitiel's given the fact she possessed the ability to set things on fire.

Nowadays, she tends to set a dragon on people if stuff needs burning.

Abilities: Swordsmanship: she's had millennia to refine it and, combined with her speed and strength, the generically reinforced 'magic sword' in her possession is much more deadly than many ME's. Also the owner of the Menagerie in Ametrine Ink; she started it when still in Heaven and continued it after her fall. Since she's lost her wings and fire abilities due to time spent in Hell, she's reliant upon the creatures therein to burn stuff.
On the plus side, she's gotten faster and has learned how to use magic to supplement her speed.

Brief History: See above. She's mostly wandering and collecting souls and gems to expand her ME.
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Post by Tachi Fri 20 Apr 2012, 6:46 am

Name: Koizumi Sachiko

Age: 15 and totally not several hundred years

Gender: Female

Race: Nekomata

Appearance: Her most common form. Although she usually shifts the ears and tails away too.

Personality: Sachiko's personality can best be described as bored and lazy. Although she tends to perk up considerably around those that remind her of 'the good old days', becoming cheerful and energetic.

Abilities: As a nekomata, Sachiko can shapeshift (although she's limited to human forms and a monstrous two-tailed cat, roughly the size of an adult tiger), conjure illusions, has physical prowess exceeding that of most humans and can turn the recently deceased into zombies by stepping over their corpses (although she won't do this unless she has a very good reason to, her way of animating and maintaining a zombie without destroying the soul takes a lot of energy). In addition, she is skilled with a sword.

Brief History: She was a cat, she lived for over a hundred years, she became a nekomata. Following that, she found a couple that couldn't concieve, revealed herself to them in the form of a child and convinced them to adopt her. Since then she's been living as that family's descendants, resetting to the form of a child when necessary. She hasn't really done anything worth mentioning in her lifetime. She sometimes wishes things could go back to the way they used to be, although she's quite pleased with the advances people have made in the fields of milk and fish.

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Post by KSPAM Fri 20 Apr 2012, 9:24 am

Name: Nahash (Hebrew for "snake")
Age: "As old as the first man to walk upon the Earth"
Gender: Considering what "she" is, that's a sticky question, but for all intents and purposes, female
Race: Trickster
Appearance: Normally she hides the tongue and ears >_>
Personality: Loose, wild, hedonistic, and completely carefree, with a manipulative streak a mile wide, Nahash delights in creating disorder in the hearts of men. She's a temptress and a seducer, and while lust and avarice are certainly her favorite things to prey upon in this modern age, just about anything will do if it leads them where she wants. As befitting of her role, she's never actively antagonistic, and actually a rather amiable person, but her silver tongue more than makes up for her innocent appearance.
Abilities: Shapeshifting into humans and animals, most commonly a snake. This ability is limited by total biomass, which is why she consumes in excess (often more than she can actually fit in her mouth). Has an innate talent for lying and bending the truth, and has come to know humans very well during her time on Earth. She's easily catches on to personalities and emotions, and can grasp the essence of a person alarmingly quickly. Possesses the ability to bilocate, or at least teleport rapidly, appearing as if she's in two places at once. Nahash is also capable of reincarnating if killed, capable of resurrecting from pretty much anything bar being erased from reality. It seems she even retains her memories from this process, making the actual difference between this and true immortality mostly negligible.
Brief History: She's the Serpent. The Serpent. The quintessential tempter figure. She was there when the first man fell, and she's been here ever since, playing the role of the little whisper in the back of your head. She embodies temptation, and whether or not she's malicious or well-meaning, or even aware what she's doing is wrong is questionable. Currently in Japan because her job description is very vague and, well... she does what she wants >_>
Misc: Eats voraciously to fuel her shapeshifting. Anything will do, but her favorite food is meat. Beef, pork, lamb, venison, long pig...
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