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Urban Fantasy: The Reboot

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Urban Fantasy: The Reboot Empty Urban Fantasy: The Reboot

Post by AnnoR Mon 07 May 2012, 4:11 pm

Shukufuku City, located in a rather wonderful area of Japan. Outside the city was rolling hills, and inside it was, well, a bustling city filled with people.

Not all these people, however, were regular human beings.


Amitiel was one of these irregular beings. She cheerfully headed down the street, alone, holding her backpack on tight. As she went, she contemplated where she should go. A party? Back to her apartment? A club? It was hard to decide, but something fun was in order. Her magical Tommy Gun was nice and tucked away inside her backpack, and everything was going just fine. Even though she was a little bored while she tried to think of something to do.

Amitiel settled on looking for a party to crash. That could be pretty fun.


The Carefree Witch cheerfully drifted through the alley. What was the point of walking when no one could see her, anyway? It wasn't like she had to keep her powers secret when there was no one to see them. Besides, she was a bit bored today, she hadn't met anyone who was interesting at all. Floating was more fun then walking.
"Hmmm... I need to find something fun to do, " she commented to herself, gaining a thoughtful expression. But what?

The Carefree Witch, finding herself approaching an area that actually had people in it, begrudgingly landed. Floating was so much more fun, but she had to keep that a secret. Her clothing? A costume, fun cosplay! People always believed that, for whatever reason, even when they found it weird.

Cheerfully, the Carefree Witch headed out into the crowds.


Hisako peered in the shop window, sucking on the cherry lollipop she'd purchased. It didn't look like there was anything she really wanted there, at the moment. Stretching, she leaned back and looked off down the street. So many people, she wondered which of them were friendly, and nice to talk to, and which ones were not. With a lazy yawn, she turned to head off back home.
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Urban Fantasy: The Reboot Empty Re: Urban Fantasy: The Reboot

Post by Tachi Tue 08 May 2012, 12:04 am

Sachiko sighed, today was boring. Every day was boring. This whole damned world, with a few rare exceptions, was boring. Fortunately for her, the nekomata was on her way to meet with the only person she knew that could hold her attention for more than a few seconds.

She could've sworn she was supposed to meet that zombie somewhere around here.

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Urban Fantasy: The Reboot Empty Re: Urban Fantasy: The Reboot

Post by RolePlayingRoxas Thu 10 May 2012, 1:07 pm

Shujiko Ishi slowed to a halt as she turned a corner, sweat pouring from her body. Fifteen miles was quite a distance to jog, and she had finally reached her limit.

After gulping some air into her lungs, Shujiko raised the water bottle to her lips and took a long, long drink. Afterwards, she poured it over her head, cooling herself down as best she could until she could get a shower. A magatama was wound around her wrist for some reason.

As her breathing slowly returned to normal, the teenager walked on, not noticing anyone around her for the moment.


The dragon-girl was cheerfully making her last delivery of the day, carrying a box of food to the house she was headed for. It was nice to only have a half day for a change.
Cyndy liked her job well enough, but today she didn't really feel like running all over the city like a madwoman, making sure she never exceeded the time limit her workplace enforced. Seriously, they could invest in a delivery bike!

Well, anyway... reaching the house, Cyndy shifted her load and knocked on the door.


A low chuckle escaped the albino's lips as she watched her hapless victim. Poor girl... so unaware...

Grinning with a predatory glint in her eye, she approached slowly from behind, quietly. Her prey wasn't the type to be snuck up on, but Shiro was superior! Even in death, she could not be stopped!

...It was time.

"You're mine!" Shiro yelled to Sachiko, lunging at her from behind with a tackle-hug.


Pandora finishing setting up her stall with a pleased smile. The kitsune would have wagged her tail were it not currently hidden away.
The wares on display, various charms and small items she labelled 'artefacts', proudly showed of the beauty Pandora made everyone see when eyes were laid upon them. Suckering in any old idiot with a coin to their name. Now all she had to do was wait...
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Urban Fantasy: The Reboot Empty Re: Urban Fantasy: The Reboot

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