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Madoka MST Experiment: GAHVH part 3

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Madoka MST Experiment: GAHVH part 3 Empty Madoka MST Experiment: GAHVH part 3

Kyoko: Hi people who are reading this. As Sayaka is currently recovering; Mammaries here is her substitute for the day. Woo.

Mami: You don't sound very happy to have me here, Kyoko.

Homura: She's just worried about Sayaka.

Kyoko: Shut up! I'm not worried about anyone! Lets get this over with!

Homura:...that's my line.


God and Jesus fly up into heaven.

"I need to making of a plan!" say God.

That is some...odd grammar.

We're not even bothering to point out the grammatical errors at this point.

But suddenly, the firmaments were a fluffy cloud, and God and Jesus fell asleep for a millions years.

What does a fluffy cloud have to do with people falling asleep? And what's a firmament?

It's Hans Von Hozel logic.

When they woke up, God observed that the world was full of much pyramids!

Pyramids pyramids everywhere; but not enough to..um...danube. Or whatever.

"Oh dear..." say God, "I gefellen asleep for too long! Now the bactiera is evolved to Egyptians! And the world is covering of pyramids!"

Um...I don't think that's how evolution works.

This same exact thing happened in the last chapter. Except this time there are pyramids.

What a twist.

"Let's make an observing of the peoples!" said Jesus, creating a couch and then sit on it.

"This shall be much of goodly..." say God, who sits down to watch the Egyptworld.

Much of goodly? must be related to much of Godly.

Sounds like something Kyoko would say. If she was paying attention.

Huh? I mean, uh... ha! More like...uh....much of Stupidly! Yeah.

They looked down and saw the Phaorah making a rapings of a woman!

What the hell are we reading?

Be glad you missed the sun giving birth earlier...

...I repeat: what the hell are we reading?

The woman ran away from the Phaorah but too late! She had been impregnated with a sperm!

That's...uh...some potent ammo he's firing.

Um... generic sperm bullet joke.

Kyoko, if you're not going to snark, you don't have to do the fic. If you're that distracted by Sayaka's absense...

I'm not distracted! I was just...uh... saving my good material for later. Yeah.


But the woman was part pyramid so she was worried the baby could turn into a pyramid too!

"She knew her parents would kill her if she gave birth to a pyramid baby..."

Giving birth to a pyramid sounds painful.

"I bored of this story..." say God, "Make a fast forward."

I hatred of this story, make a deletion.

Jesus grab at the remote and fowarded nine months.

"Oh dear!" say the woman, "I am making a pregnant!"

Um...hasn't she already been pregnant for nine months now?

She laid a tiny pyramid on the ground.

And that's where baby pyramids come from.

"Oh dear..." said the woman, "I have borned a pyramid!"

Then she put the pyramid in a crate and drifted it up the sea.

Wow, that kid got kicked out of the house early.

"I shall name you Moses!" say the woman, letting go of crate.

The crate drifted up the sea.
Homura: Have to say, I'm impressed.


God went a whole chapter without exterminating humanity.

He's probably saving the mass murder for the next chapter. Think Sayaka will be better by the next chapter?

Don't worry Kyoko, she'll be fine.


Shhh, it's ok, let out all that anger.


Of course not; you don't have any reason to be.


-vacant smile-

Called it.


(To be continued)

In a world torn between Team Edward, and Team Jacob, I have one thing to say:

Go Team Godzilla

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