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  • 20160319
    The Blog Robind10

    I'm not sure what was weirder: the fact that they didn't seem to mind me crawling into bed with them; or the fact that Joja Corp still found me the next day; and dragged me home.

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  • 20151214
    The Blog Spines10


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  • 20150310
    Here is a picture of the beast: 

    The Blog Jurawa10

    Here are the techniques it comes with: 

    The Blog Jurawa11

    And here are the monsters that could be combined to create it: 

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  • 20150304
    I ran a bunch of characters from various terrible shows, movies, books, and fanfiction through the Hunger Games Simulator
    Aizen falls into a frozen lake and drowns.

    Day 1
    Dick Roman convinces Michael...

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  • 20150304
    A cloud of poisonous smoke starts to fill the arena.

    Einhart survives.

    Feito slowly pushes White Devil closer...

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  • 20150304
    Sailor Mercury practices her archery.

    Cure Egret attacks Feito, but she manages to escape.


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  • 20150304
    Sister Jill is awoken by nightmares.

    Cure Egret and Einhart huddle for warmth.


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  • 20150304
    A volcano erupts at the center of the arena.

    Natsuko is buried in ash.

    Sayaka pushes Sakura in the lava.

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  • 20150304
    Feito camouflauges herself in the bushes.

    NatsukoSailor Mercury Sakura

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  • 20150304
    Feito tries to find other tributes, but is unsuccessful.

    ShorinCure Bloom , and Homerun

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  • 20150304
    Sailor Mercury receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.

    Madokami makes a wooden spear.

    Cutey Honey practices her archery.

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  • 20150304
    Michiru begs for Panther Zora to kill her. She reluctantly obliges, killing Michiru.

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  • 20141031
    Ruby: -currently in a Dracula costume- Happy Halloween everyone.

    Yang: -currently dressed like the Bride of Frankenstein- Are you boils and ghouls ready for an awesome Halloween?

    Weiss: -currently wrapped in bandages- Why am I the mummy again?

    Blake: -currently in a ridiculous werewolf costume- Cause we decided to go with a universal horror theme; and you didn't like the Carmilla costume...

    Weiss: There was no Carmilla costume! It was a bikini with "Carmilla" written on it. And a pair of vampire fangs! I refuse to wear something so undignified!...

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  • 20140406
    Homestuck High Chapter 2

    CURRENT tipsyGnostalgic [CTG] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board BADASS FNAFIC CONQUERORS.

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  • 20140403
    Chapter One of Homestuck High

    CURRENT tipsyGnostalgic [CTG] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board BADASS FNAFIC CONQUERORS.

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  • 20131022
    Usagi: Okay guys, I made doubly sure this one has absolutely no betrayals or anything like that so can you pleeeaase read it with me?
    Minako: As long as it's about me, I'm up for it.
    Usagi: Don't worry Mina-chan! You're one of the main characters!
    Makoto: One of? Who's the other ones?
    Usagi: Rei-chan, of course!
    Rei: Oh joy.
    Ami: Well, as long as this one isn't too bad...

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  • 20131020
    Usagi: Hey, hey, guys! Come look at this!
    Minako: Oh? What is it Usagi? *tries to peek over Usagi's shoulder*
    Usagi: I found this really cool site and you'll never believe it Mina-chan but they have stories of us in it!
    Minako: People are writing fanfiction about us?! I have got to see this.
    Ami: I'm not sure I'm comfortable with people writing about me...
    Makoto: *slaps Ami's back playfully* Come on Ami,...

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  • 20131015
    Crypty: Hello Boils and Ghouls. Today we'll be looking at the delightfully horrid work of...hey? What are you doing in here? Get out before I...
    The Blog Shot_111
    The Blog Vaultk10

    The Vaultkeeper: I apologize for the disturbance; the...

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  • 20130928
    Author: the assassin of hope PM

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  • 20130919
    They read a different fanfic this time. But Blake is hiding something.
    Yang: Ruby, Weiss! Get over here! I have found the most hilarious thing ever.
    Weiss: Another fanfiction? Wasn’t the last one bad enough.
    Ruby: It’s not pairing us with jerks; is it?
    Yang: Nope! It doesn’t mention us by name at all. Instead if features “Yellow”, “Black”, “Red”, and “White”.

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  • 20130918
    R&B Chapter 4
    Ruby: So, just one more chapter!
    Blake: Hopefully we’ll find something useful in this one.
    Weiss: This author is going to burn when I finally track him down!

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  • 20130916
    not formatted yet.
    Blake: -looks at the chapter title-…Well, bye.
    Ruby: Wait! Don’t abandon us!
    Yang: Oh come on, Ruby got through her chapter.
    Blake: I just don’t really see the point of…
    Ruby: Please? –puppy dog eyes go-
    Blake: …I guess one more chapter won’t kill me.
    A young man in a purple traditional Chinese...

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  • 20130913
    R&B Chapter 2
    Ruby: So, I guess I’ll have to read another chapter to find out who wrote it.
    Yang: That’s not going to be pleasant.
    Blake: To be honest, I’m morbidly curious about what’s going to happen next.
    Weiss: Probably badly written romance.
    Weiss: Wait a second, this isn’t a chapter! This is just a description of his character!

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  • 20130911

    Author: reddevil47

    The story remade but with my Oc love intrest for Ruby

    Ruby: Wut.

    Blake: What’s an intrest? And what does this author have against commas?   

    Weiss: Some people have no taste whatsoever.

    Ruby: What was that?

    Yang: Are you implying something about my sister?...

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  • 20130905
    This time, I used characters from the mon-thing I've been writing.
    The Blog Monpho10
    The Blog Monpho11

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  • 20130905
    Since I was bored, I decided to play around with a certain program that makes images that look like phone conversations. I decided to use my character and Pulse's character for this test run; since I wanted to see what kind of dynamic they'd have anyway.
    The Blog Noelph10

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  • 20130804
    User: Did I ever show you the second chapter of My Immortal?

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: Okay then! Prepare for a suffering.

    Cleverbot: Make it double.

    User: AN: Fangz 2 bloodytearz666 4 helpin me wif da chapta! BTW preps stop flaming ma story ok!

    Cleverbot: You learn from people who talk to you on this website thus you cannot understand many words i'm am typing.

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  • 20130216
    (This chapter is unfinished. Please return later)



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  • 20130205
    In Which Rash's Pecker Is Inadequate
    Last time on Pokemon Misadventures; our hero Rash began his journey...only to realize he had to walk all the way back to Pallet town to deliver a package for Professor Oak. Once he and his rival were each given a Pokedex; and asked to fill it with information by catching Pokemon. After recieving a town map from Glue's hot sister; Rash once again set out on his journey to become a pokemon master.


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  • 20121016
    Last time, on Pokemon Misadventures! Our hero Rash had flashbacks of a horribly traumatic experience; before being rescued from an electric rodent by professor Oak! That's..pretty much it. But enough of that, lets get to the LP already!

    The Blog Zlab110

    Can't wait to see what kind of awesome murderbeast is contained inside this pokeball! I bet it's a charmander! Or maybe a squirtle, or a bulbasaur! And...

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  • 20121010
    Spidey's Pokemon Yellow Letsplay
    This is my second attempt at making a screencap LP. Hopefully this one won't suck nearly as much as that other one. Now lets start this thing already!

    To the Intro!


    The Blog Profoa10The Blog Yellow10

    Oh god, what happened to your face?...

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  • 20120622
    Thought I'd do something a little different.

    So, game reviews. There's good and bad. Guess which kind of review I'll be looking?

    So, this little look at Dissidia by UltimaterialiserX tries to explain to you why the game is absolutely horrible and how Square sucks so hard now. Will we be seeing factual, intelligent arguments for this?



    ... Let's find out.

    "Squaresoft's version of MUGEN in 3D,...

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  • 20120608
    I found a document burried in my harddrive. Basically an idea dump for that webcomic Pulse and I never made beyond concept art. Thought I'd share it.
    Godzingertron V Idea Dump
    Plotty stuff:
    The sisters....normal sisterly love, or incest subtext?
    ...nah, going with normal sisterly love.
    Maybe throw in some guys/girls of the week. Decide the girls' orientation before bothering with this.
    Make Pulse draw yuri at some point.
    How they get mecha?
    Mazinger Z parody origin?
    Too simple...maybe mix it with other mecha origin stories.
    Start story with them already possessing mecha and reveal how they got it in a flashback?
    Their father built it and then got squished (much like Juuzo...

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  • 20120529
    Front Cover Image:

    Back Cover Image:

    Illustrations by W.Pulse

    "'The Chronicles of Shuji' is a...

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  • 20120422
    Hello, peoples. I am going to do something abominably stupid. Anyone ever hear of this guy?

    I think he's a tad weird.

    With 152 fics to his name, it's clear he kinda likes writing. Not a bad thing, huh? Just wait until you get to the story's actual content. Also, since I'm not pure evil, I won't subject any character to these... things. Instead, I'll take that blow. Shujiko too.

    Anyway, as much as I'd like to stall, let's just get this out of the way...


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  • 20120416
    Hello people of Random Roleplay! My name is Noe Record; and you may not remember me from such dead RPs as Moe Anthromorphism and....that's about it! I'm here today to try my hand at reviewing stuff; because Spidey is too busy scratching his head in confusion over the first chatper of the manga we'll be looking at today: Scape-God.


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  • 20120404
    User: Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!).

    Cleverbot: Well that was annoying.

    User: I'm not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he's a major fucking hottie.

    Cleverbot: You...

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  • 20120401
    Hayate: Hi everyone! This is Magical Girl Tenchi-Moon here, and my sidekick, Lawson Mask here! Together we shall fight the forces of bad fanfiction with our magical -nailbat'd- ...ow.

    Ayana: Don't bring me into your fantasies! And why am I the sidekick?

    Jun: I agree; making Ayana your sidekick is silly....clearly she'd be better for the role of your mysterious helper who comes in to save you from the monster of the week; due to her secret admiration for you.


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  • 20120307
    Hello, beloved fans; and people without taste in movies! This is Uwe Bay Emmerich here; director of such awesome films as Saint Patrick's Day, Movie Movie, Gamera (1998), In the Name of the Dots: A Pac-man Tale, and the live action adaptation of Gobots.

    I would like to discuss my newest project with you all: a movie adaptation of Fate/Stay Night! What is Fate/Stay Night you ask? Some Japanese "visual novel" with explosions and people dying; and lots of sex. It's made by some Japanese guy called Natu or some silly Japanese name like that. But don't worry, it won't have school girls...

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  • 20120305
    This happened while I was sitting on my chair, with my laptop in my lap, and I just sort of... fell asleep. I was asleep for maybe two or three hours, though as usual my dreams don't really feel like they happened until the end or that they were very short anyway. You guys should consider this a bit of a treat, I usually forget my dreams! Even though this one creeped me the fuck out.

    I was, as in many of my dreams, living in a different house than I am currently. My siblings were in the odd back yard and they were trying to play with a cat. I walk back there and the cat had ‘already...

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  • 20120303
    Title: BlazBlue Divine Trigger Next Phase
    Mood: Bored

    Hello, simpletons. I am Rachel Alucard, and someone thought it would be a good idea to send me documents of some silly girl overreacting to a piece of fiction. Then reacting much more understandably to some perverse comic, though the catatonia was still a bit much. Anyway, I have lots of time and loops to kill, so I might as well take a look at this story - or more specifically, its sequel.

    Set a few years after 'Divine Trigger'... that's pretty much all the plot given. I suppose Terumi's plotting something and Kazuma's...

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  • 20120228
    Wow, 43 terabytes...? I'm no computer whiz, but I didn't think you could hold that much yuri in one system...

    Oh, hello~ Didn't hear you click open this blog! I see you're eagerly awaiting the thrilling conclusion to this epic gathering of tales! Well, there's only two left. Each written by someone that I assume really likes dragons. Let's get started then~

    The first of these is 'The determined miko'. Let's dive right in!

    Reimu was upset.

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  • 20120225
    Hello again~ So little Patch has kindly agreed to let me finish up this whole blogging thing while she wakes up her cute assistant! ^.^ Thankies~ Heh, never knew Patch could move so fast. She must be really worried. About Koa, obviously~

    Anyway, this next story includes me! Doing bad things! To Wriggles! I don't like this one!

    'Yuka' is the name of this one, and I feel I should point out my name is spelled with two 'u' letters because it shows just how much better I am than most~ Or something...

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  • 20120224
    1) The Mystic Eyes of Bucket Tool: eyes with the ability to change the colors of things.

    2) The Mystic Eyes of Cleansing: eyes with the ability to remove tough stains.

    3) The Mystic Eyes of Funk: eyes with the ability to make anything incredibly funky.

    4) The Mystic Eyes of Fanservice: eyes with the power to make clothing disappear.

    5) The Mystic Eyes of Fan Disservice: eyes with the power to burn an image of a naked Matou Shinji into the mind of a target that can never be removed.

    6) The Mystic Eyes of Meido: eyes with the power to turn...

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  • 20120224
    Back! I managed to persuade Patch's cute assistant not to raise an alarm, and instead sit quietly and watch~ Thanks for watching over me, Koa!

    Anyway, I had ficition to laugh at, didn't I? Next up is 'The Scarlet Flame', which has something to do with Flan and Remi's cousins. Both chapters together are about six tiny paragraphs in total, so the amount of effort put in this is staggeringly underwhelming~ Well, let's get this 'story' out of the way, hm?

    It was...

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  • 20120223
    So I heard mocking people's literary work had become quite popular. I like mocking people sometimes. You can probably see where this is headed~

    I sure hope li'l Patch doesn't mind me entering her library and borrowing her cool little computer. The passwords and magic enchantments were a bit too weak for me to think there's anything serious she wants hidden anyway~

    Okay, so as you all know, I am Yuuka Kazami~ Humble Flower Youkai. And I already found a bunch of silly little stories based on Gensokyo. All of which clearly have a fondness for ignoring facts.


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  • 20120208
    Sayaka: Hi whoever is reading this! I'm proud to report that my brain made much healing...I mean is fully healed.

    Kyoko: Careful Sayaka; wouldn't want that tiny brain of yours to get damaged again.

    Sayaka: Aw, you do care. Don't worry; Mami told me all about how hopeless you were without me.

    Kyoko: Sh-shut up! That's not true!

    Sayaka: And that you couldn't even snark properly while I was gone...

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  • 20120207
    So, two more chapters to go, huh? Might as well go through the both of 'em.

    ...Something seems a little off in this chapter, though. Can't quite put my finger on it...


    hey guys im back and just to let you know my sister if fine anyway this is the new chapter of the story hope you enjoy

    i do not own inuyasha, inuyasha belongs to his original owners i own the plot and the two characters kira and akiko


    chapter eleven

    akikos prov

    Is it the lack of bold for her author note? Hm...


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  • 20120206
    Kyoko: Hi people who are reading this. As Sayaka is currently recovering; Mammaries here is her substitute for the day. Woo.

    Mami: You don't sound very happy to have me here, Kyoko.

    Homura: She's just worried about Sayaka.

    Kyoko: Shut up! I'm not worried about anyone! Lets get this over with!

    Homura:...that's my line.


    God and Jesus fly up into heaven.

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  • 20120206
    Okay! Three more chapters of this thing left, and the quality is very slightly possibly improving overall! *Cracks fingers* Let's do this!

    Kira had just woken up due to a bad dream and snuck over to Suikotsu's spot and lightly tapped his shoulder. He had groaned and went back to sleep so she got eye level and poked his cheek a couple times till he woke up. He was annoyed and glared at Kira

    Excellent idea, Kira. Wake up the most psychotic member of the Band of Seven. That will go over extremely well.

    "What do you want?" he said through grit...

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