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RWBY MST Part 2  Empty RWBY MST Part 2

Ruby: So, I guess I’ll have to read another chapter to find out who wrote it.
Yang: That’s not going to be pleasant.
Blake: To be honest, I’m morbidly curious about what’s going to happen next.
Weiss: Probably badly written romance.
Weiss: Wait a second, this isn’t a chapter! This is just a description of his character!
Blake: Well, he didn’t get any real description in the last chapter.
Rein Chavez
Ruby: Is that even a real name?
Nick name: Down pour
Weiss: Is that supposed to be menacing?
Ruby: I’m not feeling very menaced.
Height: 6'2
Hair/Eye Color: Sky blue hair, sky blue eyes
Yang: Well, that’s certainly an unusual hair color. And eye color.
Color: Sky Blue
Blake: Color? Is this implying his skin is sky-blue as well; or is that simply a color he likes?
Ruby: Great. The author is trying to hook me up with a smurf.
Weapon: Twin Arm Blades he holds the blades like tonfas and the blade extends from the hand to the elbow and extend above the hand a bit)
Blake: That redundancy of that redundant statement was redundant.
Abilities: Great Physical ability, Flashsteps, great boxer and can mimic any opponents fighting style.
Weiss: All he’s going to get from Ruby’s fighting style is how to swing a scythe blindly in the enemy’s general direction.
Ruby: What do you have against my fighting style anyway?
Weiss: It lacks any form of grace.
Ruby: Your face lacks grace!
Weiss: You are so immature!
Blake: If you two are done flirting; we have a fanfic to riff.
Appearance: Rein is usually seen wearing a blue trench coat unbuttoned showing his black v neck with the bottom half with fading black to Blue, the edges of the shirt are in sky blue too. He wears fingerless black gloves and Black slim straight jeans with black and blue shoes on. He also has a low Mohawk fade. (hairstyles change depending on how I feel).
Ruby: OK, so he does wear clothes under that trenchcoat. I only feel slightly less creeped out now.
Yang: I think the author is REALLY INTO sky-blue.
Personality: Rein is a friendly guy who will help out when he can, he is very realistic person so when he sees that something is out of his reach he doesn't even try. He isn't much of a trouble maker but he can be a idiot sometimes. In battle he is very serious and does not show any emotion when fighting. He is a very loyal companion to have at your side.
Ruby: I’m out of his reach. He should stop trying.
Yang: So, if that’s the Streaky McStalker; then who are these other characters below him?
Weiss: There are more of them?
Blake: Why do I get a really bad feeling about this?
Leung Danzough
Blake: That last name looks like something the author made up on the spot.
Nickname: Shadow
Blake: That’s the most original nickname ever conceived.
Height: 6'0
Hair/Eye Color: Purple hair, purple eyes
Blake: Gee, I wonder what this one’s color is going to be.
Color: Purple
Blake: Yay, I win.
Weapon: A Bo Staff that is charged with dust depending on what he puts on both ends, it also has pop out blades on the end to. It can also shorten and be split in two to become Eskrima sticks(night wing ripoff I know ;-) ).
Weiss: Is the author even trying at this point?
Ability: amazing agility, master of stealth and knows various Chinese martial art styles.
Blake: I get the feeling that this author did not research any Chinese fighting styles.
Appearance: Leung usually wears traditional Chinese attire which is purple with the middle of his shirt having the kanji modest and on the back the kanji humble. His hair is short and spiky.
Ruby: Oh come on, put some effort into your descriptions! Is the personality just going to say “he does Chinese stuff, like a Chinese person or whatever,”?
Personality: Leung like his Kanji is humble and modest and a very quiet person, he does not speak unless spoken too. He shows the up most respect to everybody and is a perfect gentleman. In a fight he keeps his cool and fights with grace.
Blake: How many ways can you possibly say someone is humble?
Keith Stryker.
Weiss: If there’s a list of overused last names somewhere; then Stryker is probably on it.
Nickname: Lone ranger
Weiss: Subtle.
Height: 5'10
Hair/Eye color: Green Hair, Green eyes
Color: Green
Yang: Everything must be color-coded! EVERY SINGLE PART OF THEM! If a single part of them isn’t green, then we won’t know that they’re supposed to be the green one!
Weapon: He carry's around a huge sniper rifle on his back that shoots aura blast. He also has 2 extra pitols with the bullets tipped in dust and a knife in case of close combat.
Ruby: BORING! I mean, what kind of lame gun doesn’t have any sort of blade attached to it?
Yang: Yeah! The knife should at least have a gun attached to the hilt so he can use the recoil to stab things.
Appearance: He usually wears a green Pancho with a light green shirt under and green slim jeans with green shoes. He has goggles and his hair is messy, wild and huge.
Weiss: That is the most hideous outfit I have ever had described to me. And I saw the other two profiles.
Personality: he is a very fun and outgoing person who loves meeting new people. He is always the type of guy that can cheer you up and always trys to look at life in a optimistic point of view. When fighting he tends to do more talk than fight but no less he is a amazing sniper and shot, he would probably be one of the best if he would focus more on his shots than his talking.
Weiss: So he’s an incompetent moron? How charming.
Blake: He doesn’t sound like a lone ranger at all.
Kent Badstuber
Yang: This name is probably the worst one yet.
Height: 6'4
Nick name: Brick keith
Yang: His name isn’t even Keith. Why would his nickname have Keith in it?
Hair/eye color: Orange
Color: Orange
Weapon: Kent uses a special type of weapon that he designed himself. Its two black gloves with a circular glass on both of them, it shows different colors for different dust, the dust comes out of his fist like salt would out of a shaker. This lets him differentiate dust and combine which them making big explosion impacts.
Weiss: Yes, fill a salt shaker with an extremely volatile substance; then attach it to your fist. That couldn’t possibly go horribly wrong!
Ability: he has tremendous strength and great vision. His right eye is robotic, he got it after a accident caused him to lose his right eye. The robot eye he designed himself allows him to see far distances and he is able to calculate a persons physical ability too. The eye looks like any other humans eye since its well crafted so no one ever knows. Great boxer by the way.
Yang: “He has this, like, awesome robot eye that can read people’s movements and, like, see far distances and shoot later beams and, like, turn people into newts and it looks just like a normal eye cept cooler cause he made it himself! Oh, and he can punch stuff.”
Personality: Kent is a great leader but a cold person, he never interacts with anybody other than his team. He likes to keep order within his team. He is a very loyal person despite his personality and will always have your back. Despite his personality Kent likes to avoid meaninglessness fighting, he only fights when its necessary.
Blake: Oh look, more redundant statements that are also redundant.
Appearance: Kent has orange hair with his bangs covering his right robotic eye going down to his chin( his hair looks like lee's), he is a very handsome man. He wears a black muscle short with armor like Jaun's on his front and wears orange sleeves, he has on blue jeans and orange shoes.
Yang: Gasp! Is that…could it be? A piece of clothing that isn’t orange! WHAT HERESY IS THIS? Is clothing that does not correspond to your hair and eye color even legal?
Ruby: So, I have to wonder, if there are four characters; and the first one is apparently after me for some reason…
Blake: Oh no.
Weiss: I swear to god, if I appear in this putrid piece of filth; I will call every single one of my lawyers!
Yang: How many lawyers do you even have?
Sorry about this character intro but something happened on my phone wear i write my stuff so the chap i wrote was gone so i had to rethink my story so i hope this is good enough for you.
Blake: Phone’s are not the best devices for writing fiction.
Weiss: So the author actually went to the trouble of rethinking the story; and THIS is what he came up with? That is beyond sad.

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