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RWBY MST Part 3 Empty RWBY MST Part 3

Blake: -looks at the chapter title-…Well, bye.
Ruby: Wait! Don’t abandon us!
Yang: Oh come on, Ruby got through her chapter.
Blake: I just don’t really see the point of…
Ruby: Please? –puppy dog eyes go-
Blake: …I guess one more chapter won’t kill me.
A young man in a purple traditional Chinese outfit was sitting on a nice shaped boulder perfect for sitting on reading a book. He was inside of a forest with red leaves, the time of fall. He was quietly reading his book in peace until he suddenly heard someone's footsteps getting close, he looked to his left and saw a girl with black hair wearing a attire that was made of black white and purple.
Blake: My clothes are not made of colors. They’re made of fabrics that happen to be those colors. Furthermore; that last sentence should be divided into two sentences.
Yang: And “traditional Chinese outfit” is a shitty description.
Hmm, I should have noticed her sooner. She must have some light feet The man thought.
Weiss: Oh, did the italics not indicate that someone was thinking? Thank you for clearly that up, author. For we, the audience, are far too stupid to figure that one out!
She looked at him and he stared right back, he noticed how she had pretty gold eyes. She nodded to him showing him she knew of his presence and went to go find a spot on the ground to sit. The man in the green immediately sat up and dusted the boulder, he motioned for her to sit.
Blake: This author really needs to learn to separate sentences.  
"oh that's alright, i-"
"please" he said interrupting her insisting that she sit on the rock.
"thank you" she said and took a seat on the boulder. The man then took a seat on the grass next to the boulder and started to read.
Blake: Some capital letters would be a nice touch as well.
"you know there is enough space, you could sit here too" she offered.
How nice of her He thought. He got up and sat on the opposite end of the boulder with his back almost touching hers, he finally went back to the book he was reading. Seconds passed and then seconds turned into minutes and then turned into a hour. Blake was bored and had nothing to do, she noticed that the man behind her had not said a word.
Blake: That sounds awfully close for someone I just met.
Yang: Yeah, that’s certainly…BACKWARD of him. –sunglasses-
Blake: …
Weiss: Puns really are the lowest form of humor.
Ruby: -facepalm-
Yang: Oh come on! That was funny!
Must be a good book Blake thought.
"might I know what your reading?" she asked still to the opposite of him. He handed her the book from behind and she took it still facing the other way.
Ruby: Visual gags don’t really work in writing. –doing a totally funny reaction thing right now-
"not one for talking huh" Blake said. "ironically im the one that is usually quiet". She was reading through the summary and was quite interested in the book. It was about a man who had two souls that were battling it out for who should have control of the body.
Yang: Hi foreshadowing! I almost didn’t see you there! ‘Cept you were so freaking obvious!
"nothings wrong with that" the man suddenly said surprising Blake that he finally talked. "you here just to enjoy the view?" he asked.
Blake: No, I regularly find rocks in the middle of nowhere to sit at and read.
"waiting for someone" she responded back.
"you have very nice stealth, you train?" he asked.
Weiss: This dialogue is terrible. Really people don’t talk that way.
"yea, how did you know?" she asked curious.
"you have very gentle footsteps, you look like a gentle person too" he said the last part causing her to blush a little, it was barley noticeable.
"thank you, um you train too?" she asked directing the questions towards him.
Blake: The author seems to be under the impression that I’m an idiot that asks loads of stupid questions.
"yes, train when I can but I like to take it easy most of the time". He started chuckling a bit making the girl wonder what was so funny. "my sensei would have scolded me if he heard me say that".
"you attend a school" she asked.
Blake: I get the feeling that if I comment on all the stupid dialogue; we’re going to be here all day. So let’s move-along before Yang falls asleep.
Yang: …huh? Whah? I mean, yeah! Lets continue this fic and not go to sleep when no one else is looking!
Beacon, that's the one im going to soon the girl thought. She went back to reading the book and she could already tell one could waste a bunch of time with a book like this, before she even knew it 30 min have passed.
"you must really like the book, I don't blame you. The two souls are trying to find a place in the world just like us, its a long and difficult journey" he explained.
Yang: That is…the greatest bit of dialogue ever. Seriously, that is some award-winning stuff right there.   
"exactly what I thought, but you look like you may be close to it" the girl responded back smiling.
"I wouldn't say that, but training to be a huntsmen gives me a purpose in life".
They both stayed silent for a while; enjoying each other’s company in the nice forest.
Blake: Is that a properly formatted sentence?
Ruby: They do exist!
Hmm I never asked her if she was a stu-, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard the ringing of a phone, the girl turned around to find the source of the ringing and saw it was coming from the purple man's pants. He got his phone and picked it up. All the girl heard were yes and no's until he ended the call.
Blake: He is most definitely a Stu.
Yang: Gasp! Egad! Other exclamations!
Blake: What?
Yang: You made a pun!
Blake: That wasn’t a pun. It was a play on words.
Yang: Either way, it proves you have a sense of humor!
"sorry I have to go" he bowed and was on his way.
"wait" she said stopping him. He turned around to listen to what she had to say. "what's your name?".
"Leung" he responded back.
"Blake" she responded back smiling.
She has a nice smile Leung thought. He was on his way again.
Ruby: This is the most boring romance ever. And I’ve seen that movie with the sparkly people!
"wait" she said stopping him again". He turned around once more to give her his attention.
"your book" Blake said showing him.
"oh don't worry I finished it and you look your enjoying it, so until we meet again Ms. Blake" he said bowing.
Ruby: I get the feeling that book is going to show up again.
"its just Blake". He nodded and walked to the opening from where she came from. Blake then heard another set of footsteps coming to her write and saw it was a man with red hair with a special visor and wearing a black suit with a sword.
Weiss: Ugh, another of the author’s characters? Is one per chapter not annoying enough?
Blake: Yes. That must be an original character. That is most definitely a character created by the author.
Weiss: Of course it is. There is no way any human being could possibly look that ridiculous.
Blake: Well, he certainly doesn’t resemble anyone I know!
"you ready" he said. Blake looked to her left to where Leung left and saw he was no where to be found.
Blake: “Nowhere” doesn’t have a space in it.
And he says I have gentle feet she thought smiling. She looked back to the man with red hair and changed back to her usual face and got serious.
Yang: Ah oh, look out! It’s Blake’s SERIOUS BUSINESS FACE! Nothing can withstand such seriousness!
"yea lets go"
Sorry to all the BlakeXAdam shippers, Adam really hasn't been involved in the  story yet so I wanted to pair up one of my characters with her. Just 2 more chaps before we get Weiss involved in this, see ya later.
Weiss: Who exactly is Adam?
Blake: Probably the author’s other character. Seems like the only explanation. We should go with that.
Weiss: Anything you’d like to share with the group?
Blake: Nope! But there is something I should point out. The author seems to know stuff about us. Stuff they probably shouldn’t know.
Weiss: Great. We have a stalker.
Blake: Yeah; I doubt information about our lives would be available to random people on the internet.
Ruby: …ok, I’m definitely sleeping with Crescent Rose tonight.
Yang: Wouldn’t you do that anyway?
Ruby: Probably. But now I’ve got even more reason to!
Blake: I think we should try to read the last chapter, and see if that yields any information about the author. Otherwise, we’ll have to find another way to track him.
Yang: Sounds like a plan! So what do we do when we catch him? Punch him? Toss him out the window? Sick Weiss’s lawyers on him? Punch him some more?
Blake: Is punching your solution to everything?
Yang: No, fire solves a lot of things too.
Blake: …
Yang: …
Ruby: Are you two going to do that thing again?
Blake: What thing?
Ruby: The thing where you banter; then stare at each other for a long time?
Yang: That is most certainly not a thing we do!
Blake: Sometimes we just pause. Between witty remarks. So we can come up with more witty remarks.
Yang: What she said.
Weiss: You two sure take a long time to come up with witty remarks. One might think something was going on.
Blake: Well, while we’re on that subject; you and Ruby sure seem to argue like an old married…
Ruby: Ok! I think this is a good point to stop reading! We should get to bed!
Blake: OH my, you two are already…

In a world torn between Team Edward, and Team Jacob, I have one thing to say:

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