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Ruby: So, just one more chapter!
Blake: Hopefully we’ll find something useful in this one.
Weiss: This author is going to burn when I finally track him down!
Yang: I sense someone is a bit upset that it’s her turn.
Weiss: We’ll see who’s upset when the author writes YOUR chapter.
The auditorium was empty after the beautiful performance from Weiss Schnee. She captivated the audience with her amazing voice and talent, she was truly an amazing singer. A boy in a green poncho was still in the auditorium apparently sleeping, I guess not everybody can appreciate the fine arts. The boy in the green was starting to stir awake. He woke up; looked to his left and then his right and he finally realized that the concert was over and he was left behind by his friends.
Weiss: Wait, so he just slept through the concert? He clearly has no appreciation for music.
Yang: His friends just left him there? That’s kind of dickish of them.
Weiss: If I were his friends; I'd abandon him too. 
Ruby: …Weiss can sing?
Weiss: Of course I can sing!
Damn how could I have slept, well the singing was boring anyway. Well no point wasting my time here.
Weiss: Who’s singing is boring?!
The boy in green was about to leave until he heard footsteps echo. He turned to the front and saw the Weiss girl step on to the stage near the microphone, it looked like she was about to sing again.
Weiss: Does the author seriously think I’m the kind of person to sing to an empty room after my concert is already over?
Again? Doesn't this girl give it a rest.
Weiss started to sing again but this time, it was different. Her voice sounded nice- it was sweet, nice, natural and not forced. She was like an angel singing on the stage. Instead of putting him sleep like before he was being hypnotized by her beautiful voice.
Weiss: This author seems to have some glaring misconceptions about my personality.
Dang, too bad the people that left couldn't hear this and she is pretty cute too.
The young man in green continued to listen to Weiss's amazing voice, then suddenly they both heard very heavy footsteps and out of know where a giant knight suddenly appeared.
Weiss: What.
Ruby: The author must have thrown in a monster cause the scene he was writing was so boring.
"whoa that is un expected". The boy in green immediately brought out his two pistols from his side and was about to jump into fray but then stopped when he saw Weiss dodge the knights slash and starting going on the offensive and started attacking the knight with her sword; she was a very graceful fighter with they way she moved and attacked; the boy thought her fighting style was very interesting with the way she used the magic circles to move through the air.
Blake: There are so many things wrong with that paragraph. I mean, what can I say? Every single sentence has some sort of glaring error. It’s so terrible that there’s nothing to say about it.
Weiss: Great; the stalker is someone that’s seen my fighting style. That narrows it down a bit.  
She is a great fighter. The boy in green continued to watch Weiss's graceful fight. The knight slashed at Weiss, Weiss jumped dodging the sword but then the knight unexpectedly punched Weiss; she fell to the ground with a thud; her head was bleeding and she was reaching for her sword but the knight was faster and was ready to slash her down; the knight swung but stopped when he felt dust bullets hit the sword making the knight miss Weiss. It turned its head to find who shot him, but that gave Weiss enough time to pick up her sword and load the dust in her sword. She attacked the knight with her sword effectively damaging the knight; she moved quickly which made it hard for the knight to hit her. She used different types of dust to thrash the knight, it stood no chance against Weiss and her sword; it really was one of a kind.
Ruby: That author sure is interested in Weiss’ sword.
Yang: You have to wonder if there isn’t something Freudian going on there.
Weiss: Do you know the meaning of that word?
Yang: I’ve seen it used before. I think it has something to do with people being REALLY INTO weapons? Kind of like Ruby and her scythe.
Blake: …I suppose that’s close enough.
Ruby: What was that?
"leave it to the Schnee company to make something like that" The boy in green said while chuckling to himself. Weiss then finished the knight with one last strike destroying the Knight completely and landed with grace. The boy in green started clapping getting Weiss's attention. He then jumped off and walked his way on to the stage to greet Weiss.
Weiss: Did he just make fun of both my sword and my family’s company in one sentence?
Yang: That’s the man of your dreams right there.
Weiss: I refuse to believe my dreams would be that terribly written.
"nice performance; fighting and singing" the boy said.
"and who might you be" she said assertively.
"isn't it common courtesy to introduce yourself first" he replied back.
"why should I introduce my self to a stranger like you" she snapped.
Ruby: Greenie here is just a regular Casanova, isn’t he?
Yang: Greenie?
Ruby: I kind of already forgot all the OCs’ names.
Yang: Yeah, but Greenie? Really?
Ruby: Shut up.
Its always the heiress that are the mean ones he thought.
"well this stranger helped you so the least you could do is introduce yourself or give thanks". Weiss merely looked at him and put her sword back in her holster.
Ruby: Helped? You just stood there and watched her fight! All you did was shoot the knight’s sword; which didn’t really help at all!
Yang: Uh Ruby, are you alright?
Ruby: What’s with the characters in this fanfiction assuming we need saved from things we could easily avoid?
Weiss: The author does seem to underestimate our abilities quite a bit.
"my name as you may have already know" she said putting emphasis on the last part. "is Weiss Schnee, and you?".
" Keith Stryker" he responded back. He tore off a piece of his poncho and showed it to Weiss. Weiss looked back at him wondering what he wanted her to do with the tested poncho.
Ruby: OH god he’s stripping!
Weiss: I swear to god, if this turns into a lemon fic…
"your head its bleeding". She snatched the fabric out of his hand and tied it around her head injury to stop bleeding. The boy teared off another piece of his poncho and tried to wipe the blood off of Weiss but she stopped him and did it herself.
Weiss: Great, now I have bits of filthy pancho in my bloodstream. Thanks Stu.
Ruby: At least he’s still clothed?
She's a feisty one Keith thought.
"so why did that knight thing attack you?" Keith asked.
"if it was an assassination attempt, it was a failed one. Surely they could have sent something with more skill" she gloated.
"it did hit you" he added. She merely glared at him and started to walk away seeing there was no point in staying here.
"whoa princess where are you going?" he asked her.
"home, I have to tell my father about this and get prepared for beacon" she responded back.
Ohh so she's going to Beacon, this should be interesting.
Weiss: Oh great, now I’ve got another stalker.
Yang: A stalker that knows where you go to school!
Ruby: wait, “another”?
Weiss: I’m a famous heiress. What did you expect?
"well I hope to see you again and that pretty voice of yours; not that fake one you used for the audience princess" he said back.
Weiss: I don’t do that! Why does the author think I do that?
Weiss glanced back at him for a few seconds and then went on her way leaving Keith alone in the auditorium.
"hmm now I wonder why it attacked her" Keith said to himself thinking of any solution possible. "ah whatever, I better get back to beacon, don't know why us Juniors have to go back a week early". Keith then left the auditorium.
Not sure why but I'm gonna love playing around with this couple :-). Anyway well that was Weiss's and now Yang's and we can finally get this story under way. The reason why I made these guys older us because I want to show older students perspective and their own journey but I will still have them involved in the current story too so just wait and see my fellow huntsmen and huntress.
Yang: Looks like I’m next on the author’s list. That kind of sucks.
Weiss: We still have no information about the author. This was a colossal waste of my time.
Blake: Well, at the end of the author’s note; he says something about fellow huntsmen and huntresses…maybe he’s a beacon student?
Ruby: That would explain how he knew us!
Weiss: Or he’s just a hunter-wannabe that’s looked up a bunch of information on us. Still too soon to say for sure he goes to beacon.
Blake: It’s the closest thing to a lead we have.
Ruby: Well, at least we don’t have to read anymore of this thing.
Yang: Maybe we’ll get lucky; and the author completely forgot this story even existed…I should stop tempting fate, shouldn’t I?

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